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    FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

    What size events can you handle?
    Bar Car can provide a great time for 1 or 250 guests.  Our custom Airstream was designed to blend in for intimate gatherings and be able to handle the workload for larger groups.

    What type of events can you do?
    Weddings, birthdays, tailgates, corporate, fundraisers, or any event where you may desire a drink, we can help you out.

    Does Bar Car provide staff and bartenders?
    YES!  We staff the event based upon how many people you have.

    Where can you do events?
    We are focusing on the San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Barbara County and surrounding areas, as our primary markets, however we are able to cater anywhere in California.  Additionally, our license allows us to do private events on private property.  For other events or non-private locations, we are glad to look into permitting to see if we can accommodate you.  Please contact us to discuss rates and details.

    How is this even legal?
    We use a beverage catering license from the Department of Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) and we focus on private events on private property.  For each event we notify the ABC about the soiree and gather other additional permits on an as needed basis.  We can’t just pull up to any corner and serve drinks, although that would be awesome.

    What alcohol do you serve?
    Bar Car has a full liquor license in addition to serving draft beer, bottle beer and wine.  You may select one of our predesignated packages or we can mix and match to meet your beverage desires and quench your thirst.

    How do you park the trailer?
    Our custom 1965 trailer is beautiful but finicky.  The bar opening is on the same side as the driver, or the left hand side if looking from above.  Thus, when planning events and parking locations, this is important as we can back into driveways or spaces, or pull in head first, but we may have to leave the trailer hitched to the truck.  Flat ground and open space is also helpful, but we are becoming pros at fitting the Bar Car into tight spaces.