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    Bar Car on Urban Daddy 10/29/14

    Bar Car on Urban Daddy 10/29/14
    October 31, 2014 Bar Car Team
    In Press


    It’s not every day a souped-up Airstream rolls into your driveway to ply you with Old Fashioneds.
    But on the one day that did happen… well, that probably wouldn’t be a terrible day.

    Make way for Bar Car, a fully loaded mobile cocktail bar in the form of a 1965 Airstream trailer, taking reservations for your next party now.

    Greg Medow. He’s the guy responsible for producing this shiny, roving watering hole. (See the slideshow here.) Also, your bartender. He’s outfitted this thing with everything you need for your next off-site drinking event: a full shelf of alcohol. Two taps. Citrus. Bitters. An iPod-compatible sound system. The guy’s even got paddles and a table for Berlin-style ping-pong. So he thought of everything… and also ping-pong.

    Just call Greg up, pick a date and choose a package. He’ll get all the permits in order, stock up the bar how you like it (Sazeracs, gin fizzes…) and then pull up to your yard/office parking lot/sprawling vineyard.

    More people should be like Greg.