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Party on Wheels (7×7 San Francisco)

Party on Wheels (7×7 San Francisco)
February 28, 2015 Bar Car Team

Party on Wheels

Source: 7×7 – San Francisco (February, 2015)

The term open bar takes on a whole new meaning with Bar Car, a 1965 Airstream trailer
retrofitted by restaurant investor Greg Medow (Pizzeria Delfina, Mission Bowling Club,
Hobson’s Choice). Sure to be a fixture al hipster weddings and 49ers tailgates, Bar Car
is straight-up stocked, and we’re not just talking about the elaborate liquor inventory.
Guests can get their game on with corn toss and Russian ping-pong, and pink lawn
flamingos add a wink to the throwback vibe. – JACQUELINE WRAY